Small Business Cloud Web Hosting

Web hosting provides a home for your small business website, on a web server connected to the Internet. A web server is a computer specifically designed to quickly retrieve the files that make up your web site and send them to the people viewing it. Cloud web hosting can make your website more reliable and thus, more available to your customers.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Hosting [Clouds] are the latest technology, offering the ultimate in reliability as your website resides on multiple servers, any of which can take over and serve your web pages during busy times or during downtime of any single server.

According to this Wikipedia article on web hosting: Cloud Hosting: is a new type of hosting platform that allows customers powerful, scalable and reliable hosting based on clustered load-balanced servers and utility billing. Removing single-point of failures and allowing customers to pay for only what they use versus what they could use.

Our Clients Use Cloud Hosting with Free Tech Support

We set up our clients with Cloud Hosting accounts, priced less than $10/month. You get a full featured hosting "Control Panel" where you (or we) can set up things like email accounts, anti-spam software, web statistics and so on.

We provide all of our web hosting clients with free hosting tech support so that they can focus on running their business rather than learing how to administer a web server. We have a lot of experience with web hosting and can resolve any technical problems you might run into. If we ourselves cannot resolve any support issues, our higher tier support will. You are certainly welcome to host elsewhere if you like as long as you are willing to handle tech support issues with your web host yourself or pay us to do so.

Important Considerations: Why It's All About Support

  1. Having your webhosting with the same person that handles your web design saves time because you don't have to waste time telling one hand what the other hand is doing.
  2. Web hosting can be a fairly technical thing to manage yourself. If you host with a 3rd party, all server configurations are your responsibility.
  3. When technical problems arise with your website, it might be the site itself, the web hosting, or both. If we're handling both, one phone call or email from you and we resolve it, either way.
  4. We can configfure literally anything you might need on the server with no delays waiting for a third party to get around to it.

The Choice of Windows Hosting Versus Linux Hosting

Once you go beyond a simple static, brochure type of site consisting of text and photos, and start adding things like member logins, blogs, discussion forums, databases, e-commerce shopping carts, document upload scripts and so on, your choice of Linux or Windows based web hosting will determine what type of web developer you need.  Put simply, the programming languages that some web developers use may not work on some servers.  Although we offer both Linux and Windows hosting, we do our custom web development in ASP and will therefore need to do any development work on Windows servers as they can provide an environment for both ASP and PHP, the two most common web development languages.

If however you want a Wordpress website or blog, we would host your site on a Linux server as there is no custom script development generally required with a Wordpress site. And yes, we also offer shopping carts in our Wordpress sites.

Note: Our mySQL database servers run on Linux servers but can be queried from either Windows or Linux servers. We encourage our customers to contact us with any questions!