Web Content Writing Services

Writing content for the web can be tough if done correctly. People visit your web site to get information, and they want it fast! They initially "scan" your web page looking for that piece of information that satisfies them, then they often move on. For that reason, you need to write in a way that communicates clearly and quickly. Our web content writing services will help you say what you need to say (and put it in the right place) in a clear, straight-forward, personalized way!

We Make Your Content Scanable!

In order to scan a web page quickly, a visitor needs your content to be organized visually. The best way to organize content is to break it into bite-sized chunks. But even chunks take time to read, right? Absolutely! That's why we like to use "titles" like "We Make Your Content Scanable!" If a title accurately describes the content under it, then the reader can just skip over the sections that don't interest them, making it easier to scan your page!

We Write For Your Audience, Not For You!

Too many web sites are written in the language of the business itself. Text on a web site should be informal, written to appeal on a personal level. When people can relate on a personal level, they tend to like you! And that's a good thing! Your content should also emphasize benefits (to your readers) rather than features. We look over what you're trying to say in your web page content and reword it, make it more consistent and make it more personal - so that it gets your message accross more effectively.

We Research Your Competitors Content

Keeping up with the Joneses can be exhausting, but staying competitive is important. If your competition is doing something that you're not, they have a competitive edge. We have the ability to analyze your competitor's web site and find out what their content is doing that yours isn't.

Do You Have A Web Content Writing Company Or Offer Affordable Web Content Writing Services?

As a small business web design firm, we offer a variety of web design related services. Small Business SEO Consulting has become one of our most requested services as clients are realizing that there is more to being found than just putting up a website. We believe that the foundation of good SEO is good content (textual information) that is highly "relevant" to the goods, services or message that the client is trying to promote.

Unfortunately, writing good, keyword rich, engaging content takes a considerable amount of time and is often beyond the abilities of most small business web design clients. After all, most small business owners are not writers. And most wouldn't have the time even if they were so inclined, given the never ending demands of their business.

While we certainly have the ability to write, as a small business, we also face the constraints of time. Writing even one page of good content can take time, especially when you need to research the topic or learn the business lingo. For that reason, we are interested in talking to you if you are a freelance content writer (or copywriter) or your company offers affordable content writing services. In other words, we would like to outsource some of our requests for web content writing services.

Please contact us by email with your rates and example(s) of your work. Maybe we can do business!


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