Shopping Carts / Ecommerce

If you want to sell your products or services online or collect recurring membership dues, we can set up a "shopping cart" for your web site where you the merchant can manage all aspects of store administration through a web browser.  Shopping carts can vary from simple to very complex.

We offer three shopping cart (ecommerce) solutions for our customers varying in their initial and recurring investment, their complexity and the degree to which the merchant can easily manage the store.

PayPal Shopping Cart

For new ventures, for customers with a handful of products and no certainty that they will sell online.  Cheapest solution, low initial investment, no recurring fees, accept credit cards, no merchant account needed, usually less than 10 products, all order payment info via PayPal.

Pros:  Inexpensive to implement.
Cons:  All (price, description, etc.) changes need to be done in HTML code so you need a web designer.

Core Commerce Shopping Cart

For customers with an established product line, established market and some certainty that the products will sell online.  A full blown 3rd party shopping cart solution with all concievable features, including unlimited products, product management, order management, real-time shipping rate calculations, multi-level taxes, upsell, wish list, web statistics, etc.  Basically your own mini ... You pay us a few hundred dollars to set up and configure your basic site after which you take over store management and pay a monthly fee (starting about $29) to utilize their shopping cart, web hosting and tech support.  Also pay a 3rd party credit card processor a monthly fee.

Pros:  Your not committed for more than 1 month if it doesn't work out and tech support is free.
Cons:  You don't own the shopping cart so if you bail out and want to try again later, you lose your work and start from scrach.

Ecommerce Templates Shopping Cart

Most customizable solution, built from scratch by us with the highly popular and very well supported Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software.  Tell us what features you need, we build the cart.  Moderate initial investment ($1,000.00 minimum) with no recurring fees besides the 3rd party credit card processor (which isn't necessary if you use PayPal).

Pros:  Very full featured and SEO friendly. Has a nice, full-featured merchant control panel to manage your store. Very responsive support forum to ask your questions. You own the shopping cart and can take it with you to use in another site if needed.
Cons: Addition of some features requires a web designer.


As you can begin to see, things aren't as simple as handing a web designer your paper catalog and telling them to create an online store overnight. There are good reasons why adding a shopping cart to your site takes time, planning and an investment in a variety of new technologies.

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