Web Design Related Services for Small Businesses

Having a web site nowadays is no longer just a nice extra. Your customers expect it and it's likely that your prospective customers will find your competitors first if you don't have one. An effective web design can save your small business time and money and reach more customers. When prospective customers approach you, they're probably already informed about you and have made up their mind to make contact.

Given the necessity and benefits of having a web site, the question to ask if you don't have one is "What do I need in a web site to meet my needs?" If you already have a web site, the question becomes "Is my site correctly designed to meet these needs?" Exactly what you "need" in a web site varies depending on the purpose of your website. To help achieve the many different purposes you might have in mind for your website, we offer a number of web design related services.

We refer to these services as "related" in that they often compliment each other in putting together a successful web design. For example, most web sites have pictures or graphics (graphic design), and all web sites require a web server (web hosting). If you want your website to be found in the search engines, then some level of search engine optimization (SEO Services) may be desirable. Certainly not all of the services below are required for a small business web design, but our intent here is get you thinking about the many important Aspects of a Good Small Business Web Design.

Web Design Service

The layout and the look. The colors and the spacing. The placement of the menus and size of the photos. All planned to work together in a coherent whole that your customer sees as their impression of your business.

Important Aspects Of A Good Web Design

Web Hosting Services

The machine, the engine, the network that powers your web site, displaying your pages to all who request them. Fast, reliable and available 24 X 7 with plenty of spare power for busy times and plenty of storage for growing your web site.

Web Hosting Services

Web Development Services

A database and a little behind-the-scenes programming can take you beyond the typical static, brochure type of web site.

Web Development Services

Script Programming Services

See a nifty feature on another web site that really made it pop? Chances are that it was made possible through use of a script (program) that can be used on your site too!


Shopping Cart Solutions

Tired of leasing a building, paying utilities, paying employees, ordering inventory and rearranging products in your brick and mortar store? Take your business online, reach a wider customer base and run you store in a web browser from anywhere!

Shopping Cart Solutions

Wordpress Design Services

Passionate about your blog but need some help with the technical aspects? Need a new theme or plugin installed? We can help you get started or even add a WooCommerce shopping cart to your site.


Web Content Writing Services

Sometimes figuring out what to say and how to say it is the hardest part in designing your web site. It's surprising how many business owners know their business but can't put it into words!

Why is writing web content difficult?

Web Design Consulting

Already have a web site but need advise on some particular aspect or technical issue? Trying to do-it-yourself but getting stuck on something? We can get you past that dead end.


Graphic Design Services

Get your photos resized and optimized for the web, have us manage your logo design, or maybe just create a better color scheme for your web site. We also design banner ads so that you can advertise on other web sites.

Joomla Web Design Services

A (free) powerful content management system for those who want to "do-it-yourself" and manage their own web site. We can get you started and be there as your back up plan!


SEO Services

Search engine registration will get your web site listed but getting found when someone types in a keyword phrase at Google is a whole different story. Our SEO services will help you get both.

SEO Services

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