About Webdesignable: A Brief History

Webdesignable began as a side job in hand coding HTML for a Penn State branch campus and their earliest website in 1997. With the first real usable Windows operating system starting to proliferate, it became apparent that the Internet and web design as a profession were going to grow too.

A part time business was formed under the name Cybermarker Web Designs to officially start accepting work in designing web sites for local small businesses. The DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce was our second official web design project and things took off from there.

Consulting design work and web design instruction with local computer businesses further promoted Cybermarker in the local communities.

In 2003 a local web design firm closed its doors and referred all of its web design and web hosting clients to us, effectively doubling our customer base. At that time we became a hosting reseller and began offering web hosting to clients.

Ongoing collaborations between us and local small business development centers and chambers of commerce further grew the business with more new customers.

In 2011 we were advised that our business name Cybermarker was too close in spelling to another international company Cybermark and with us offering nearly identical services, represented a possible trademark infringement.

Webdesignable became our new business name.

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