Web Design Related Articles For Small Business

Articles to help small business owners understand the many aspects involved in establishing and maintaining an effective website.

For those simply looking to be more informed, our web design related articles distill online research into useful insights and recommendations.  We do our best to reduce technical, jargon laden information to understandable topic-oriented summaries for the small business owner. 

From establishing your first web site to getting found in the search engines and promoting your web site with online and offline advertising, these small business web design related articles will help inform you in the ways that small business owners establish and maintain an effective online business website.

Getting A Small Business Website Online
As a small business owner who has no web site at all, what do I need to consider before getting started? Planning and preparation are key and can save you some money when you approach your web designer and teach you much about your business.
Standard Banner Ad Sizes and Nonstandard Considerations
One of the more popular ways for a local small business to get traffic to its web site is to put a banner ad (advertising banner) on a related (often local) business directory web site that is sort of the "one stop shopping" directory for your types of business. Doing this however means that you need to know what "size" of banner ads they are willing to accept. The online advertising industry has agreed on "standard sizes" for banner ads, but web site owners don't always know about or adhere to those sizes, which may cost you money down the road when you try to put that ad on another website.
How To Copy Protect Images On A Web Site
Sometimes you want to protect the images on your website (prevent people from downloading them), especially if you're an artist or photographer. This article discusses a few common techniques for doing so with links to some copy-protecting resources.
Benefits of a Human Readable Sitemap
Having an XML sitemap (that only search engines can read) is an accepted search engine optimization practice because it ensures that the search engines can find all of your pages, but we humans can't read these types of sitemaps. A human readable sitemap can also be added to your website and serve as sort of a one page "table of contents" for your visitors. This benefits not only them, but you too.
Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design
A few of the most common questions that we get asked about web design.









Web Design Related Articles

David Andrews has been helping small business owners get established online since 1997. He has experience as a measurement standards engineer, a technical writer, a web designer/developer and speaks several languages.

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